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There was a game that came out somewhat recently that would top many games on the Steam Most Bought list. It has so many players constantly playing to this day and have gained a massive following as to how huge the impact was when it exitted the beta phase. That game was Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Whoever made this game and whoever helped make it happen got millions upon its release. It was on everyone’s minds and eventually destroyed those on top in the most played list on steam. The game, as you can tell, was a masterpiece of game design and it was challenging to master. If the game is so famous to begin with, there has to be some clones to follow, right? Well, you’d be surprised. Hello and welcome to this mind opening thought blog.

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As the game came out, there was one title struggling to gain some decent money. They almost lost the IP and the player base almost went as far as Battleborn, they panicked and made a free mode that anyone, even those who haven’t gotten the game, could play. It was Fortnite: Battle Royal. Carries similar aspect from PUBG, having players go all out on a large server on a small map that continuously got smaller as the match went on. It looked the same, but was far from what PUBG was. Despite that, the game gotten on top the most played and most bought with PUBG which bumped up the sales for Fortnite way up and raised its player base to an all time high for the game. This caught the eye of the PUBG developers and out came them talking about filing a lawsuit in any form of news media. The game was too similar and needed to be taken down, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Game Design isn’t an art according to law. It’s just a piece of gameplay, not an art piece on display in a Art Gallery. There are many people who copy many game designs on almost all platforms in games. If we had those things copywritten, the concept of genres would be gone and the market would crash due to low output on games to play. FPS’ wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for Doom Clones, so this lawsuit seems very silly if you think about it.

And come to think of it, the game isn’t the only one to have an all out brawl with a hundred people. Minecraft was kind of the start of it, fans making a server that was Hunger Games themed, but the server list was limited to only twenty or thirty people. Then there was the DayZ clone, H1Z1 which had a buyable mode that had players go against each other as they spawned in random areas and had to scavenge houses to find weapons and gear to kill each other with. Then, talking about more recent games, the Culling which was the most similar to both Battle Royal and Battlegrounds.

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The Culling was considered a Hunger Games themed game, being picked by rich people to fight in an arena for their amusement and for you to gain something for yourself. Players had nothing on them besides their fists and had to find or craft what they could to survive. If you wanted to have some bandages you had to find it, get some leaves to craft it or buy with the money you get from a vending machine around the map. The map continuously got smaller and force players out from hiding to thin out the number of players. It was a fun game and was played by many people on youtube. It was a hit, but was hardly know to many people outside of the PC community, kind of like how Rust was. See, you raised your eyebrow in confusion as I said the name. So, the person that should feel like suing is Xaviant Games.

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But why would even have the word of them talking about the lawsuit be out there? I mean, if you look at it, it can give your either bad side or a good side to the lawsuit, having people support one side or the other. I don’t know if that ever holds heavy in law, but it really gives the game a bigger notice. The news talk about the game that some people probably never heard of and it gave their attention to that game. You hear about and now you want to get it, assuming you never heard about it until that article. A marketing gimmick it seems, but it also gave both games attention. The question arise as to why they wanted to sue the people who made this mode similar to their own. It’s like how Mortal Kombat was when it became controversial, people talked so wrongful about, how it made anyone a killer and showed the worst kinds of gory graphics in the world just made kids want to play it even more in the arcades. After hearing that kind description really made you want to play a few rounds with Scorpion, eh? It gave the developers attention and the game was already in unwanted public attention, so the game became a successful hit that demanded sequels. Why give both attention to your game being high and mighty and the game that you claim is the enemy? Seems like you’re giving them a hand with their downloads, Player Unknown. I mean, there are so many mobile versions of your game, Player Unknown, that look so similar and copied from your game. Why not sue those Asia companies copying your game? I mean, they might not be in the same light as your game nor will ever be the same, but they pretty much copy all the assets from your game and made it mobile. There’s even a Minecraft one out there with the same iconic character with the helmet and explosion behind him, but it’s blocky instead. Why not strike your powerful fist on those companies? Probably because they’re small that probably don’t have much and doing that would look d**chy, but you do it to the big boy in town, Epic. No attention to those small guys down there in the mobile section.

It just seems stupid to me that they would sue someone over game design or a similar genre. It’s like as if From Software sued the people who made Surge or Lords of the Fallen. And seeing who they’re doing it to is kind of suspicious to me. Speaking about attacking a company for similar game design looks like it would have more to it that that, like someone slipped fifty grand in someone’s pocket in the elevator. I don’t know what could have gone, but I read that the lawsuit was never acted out, so this whole thing could be try or not. Maybe someone put some sense in Player Unknown, I don’t know. I know this is a strange post and probably didn’t go anywhere, but added more questions to a few month old thing that happened, but I hope you enjoyed this read. Thanks and ‘til next time…

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Xbox Live's giant Black Friday sale rounded up (100+ games)

Xbox Live's giant Black Friday sale rounded up (100+ games) screenshot

Microsoft has launched its giant Xbox Live Black Friday sale for 2017 - and the sale is very much worthy of the Black Friday name. We're spotting over one hundred games on sale, many of which are at a historic low price.

You'll even find everything from the latest released triple-As such as Assassin's Creed: Origins, The Evil Within 2, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The latter of two are now 50% off and will be matching what you'll see come Black Friday at many retailers. For Destiny 2 and Assassin's Creed: Origins, we highly suggest you sit back and wait for Wednesday night, as many of these games will be 50% off or more come Thanksgiving (er we mean Black Friday).

Other games at new low price points include tons of Telltale titles such as The Walking Dead series, Batman, and Guardians of the Galaxy. You'll also find Tales from the Borderlands as a freebie for Xbox Live Gold members. You can see the entire price history breakdown of this Black Friday sale here.

We've listed 115 noteworthy titles below, but our personal picks would be $5 Mount and Blade: Warband, $4.50 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, and $20 Skyrim Special Edition (because you can never have enough copies of Skyrim).

All the prices listed below requires Live Gold membership. Don't have Gold? Worry not, because one-month membership is currently only $1 for non-Gold members. Just remember to unsubscribe if you're no longer need the service as it'll renew monthly. We've also listed three-month and 12-month deals available online as of writing below.

Xbox Live Gold Deals

Xbox Live Gold Black Friday Early Access

Game deals from Dealzon. Sales help support Destructoid.

Battleborn Updates Are Over, So It Can Die In Peace

The final update for Gearbox’s failed hero shooter Battleborn arrived last week, tweaking game mechanics slightly, fixing a few bugs and adding some new skins and taunts before closing the door on continued development. It did not have a good run.


Blog Post: Gearbox Software Hiring Writer For AAA FPS RPG Hybrid

The developers of Borderlands are looking for a new writer to work on a game that may be Borderlands 3.

The team recently made a post to their official site offering the job to anyone interested in working on an unannounced project with strong characters and Central narrative thread. Necessary qualifications also include a "strong passion and demonstrable ability for comedic or satiric writing" as well as "demonstrable skill in writing entertaining and engaging dialogue with meaningful character interactions." For the full post, click here.

Recently known for the hero shooter Battleborn and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, Gearbox hasn't released anything tied to the Borderlands franchise since the Handsome Collection back in 2015, and the last core entry was Borderlands 2 in 2012. Battleborn has also ended its updates, leaving the company with plenty of time on their hands for a big project.

[Source: PCGamesN]


Our Take
Chances are pretty good this could be the official third entry in the series, especially considering the images released of the team's test builds with Unreal Engine 4 using the Borderlands graphic style back in March, but we'll have to wait for more information from the developer to be sure.

Gearbox is hiring a writer for what is probably Borderlands 3

Gearbox is hiring a writer for what is probably Borderlands 3 screenshot

Borderlands and more recently Battleborn developer Gearbox Software is looking for a new writer. Specifically, a writer for an unannounced AAA game that sure sounds like it could be Borderlands 3.

"Gearbox is looking for someone to join the writing team for an unannounced AAA FPS/RPG hybrid with strong characters and central narrative thread.

The successful candidate will join the writing team to write, punch up and iterate scripts in-line with established story and plot outlines. Responsibilities will include writing dialogue for voice-over and in-game text for missions, flavor and user interfaces. A love for comedy writing with respect for a serious underlying plot is helpful."

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This Week In The Business:  Good News For People Who Like Bad News

QUOTE | “Never fear! Battleborn is here to stay.” - Battleborn creative director Randy Varnell, immediately after announcing that the Fall Update is the final planned content for the game, and immediately before announcing he’s going to work on some other project now.


Borderlands 3: 7 Things We DON’T Want

Gearbox Software’s Borderlands series is perhaps best known for its futuristic concoction of sci-fi, open world shooting, RPG elements and quirky personalities. Breaking into the game scene in 2009, Borderlands went on to receive generally favourable reviews from players, and Gearbox whipped up a sequel in 2012 that successfully dodged the ‘sequels are never as good’ trope.

In an interview with Polygon, Gerabox CEO Randy Pitchford shot down the possibility of a third Borderlands installment, but that decision has since been overturned. With no official reveal just yet, we’ve been forced to settle for teasers, like this message discovered in Battleborn DLC, and this development photo released by Pitchford himself.

As confirmed by publisher Take-Two, Borderlands 3 will likely release on PC in addition to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Nintendo doesn’t seem keen on adding Borderlands 3 to its lineup on Switch, but anything could happen. In the mean time, we’ve been thinking about the things we’d love to see in Borderlands 3, as well as the things we don’t want. Here’s seven of them.

The post Borderlands 3: 7 Things We DON’T Want appeared first on Gameranx.

Gearbox Announces The Beginning Of The End Of Battleborn

Gearbox Software has had to make the tough choice of announcing that the beginning of the end is nigh for the company's multiplayer hero-shooter, Battleborn. The game only came out just last year but the studio is winding down development for any future updates for the first-person...

Battleborn's next update will be its last hurrah

Battleborn's next update will be its last hurrah screenshot

Gearbox's MOBA Battleborn will receive its final patch this Fall, ultimately pushing the ambitious but troubled online game into its twilight period.

Though Battleborn has some postive features, including some nice visuals, a cool-looking cast and an intriguing first-person take on the "Heroes and Minions" gameplay, utilised in popular games such as League of Legends, it generally received mediocre to fair reviews on launch from critics and the public.

Just two months after release, the PC player base had already dropped to below 1000 players, from an initial 12,000 in week one. The game went pseudo-Free-to-Play in June of this year, but by that point it was all over bar the shouting. Battleborn never recovered from its release opposite Blizzard's monstrously hyped and marketed Overwatch, regardless of whether people want to argue over "which game is better", or whether they are "the same genre".

A release from game director Randy Varnell stated that the Battleborn servers will remain open for "the foreseeable future", but that he is leaving the title behind in order to move on to a "highly anticipated project" for Gearbox.

Randy Varnell Battleborn statement [Gearbox Forums]

Moving on: Gearbox winds down Battleborn development

Gearbox Software's hero-shooter Battleborn is effectively being laid to rest, as the studio prepares to wind down development. ...

News: No more updates for Battleborn, says Gearbox

Battleborn’s Next Update To Be The Last

Battleborn has gained a lot of attention recently – and not in a good way. The dismally performing title by Borderland’s creators Gearbox Software, launched last year alongside Blizzard’s Overwatch. The title plummeted almost immediately with a concurrent player base of under 100 gamers. Earlier this year the team decided to relaunch the game with a free-to-play model in mind – unfortunately, this strategy didn’t work either.

Now it seems the team is ready to accept defeat and throw in the towel. Creative director, Randy Varnell, has announced that the upcoming fall update will be the game’s last, as most of the developers are moving on to work on the “highly anticipated project” they talked about at PAX West, in other words, Borderlands 3.

That being said, if you are one of the few who actually enjoys the game, the servers will “be up and active for the foreseeable future” – there just won’t be any more content updates like skins, updated title art, and additional Finisher Boosts and Taunts.

How have you found Battleborn? Playing it or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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Blog Post: Battleborn Will Receive Its Final Update This Fall

Battleborn may not have been nearly as popular as its shooter/MOBA competiton, but it's been receiving regular content updates and changes. Back in June, it added a substantive free trial to get new players on board, as well as a new competitive multiplayer mode. Despite this and the efforts of players to keep the game alive, Gearbox is winding down on actively developing the game.

Speaking on the official Gearbox forums, Battleborn creative director Randy Varnell made the announcement that "there will be no more Battleplans and there is currently no planned content after the Fall Update," Varnell said. After that update, which adds Borderlands-themed characters skins, balance changes, and a new multiplayer map, the Battleborn team will shift over to working on Gearbox's next, unannounced game. "Although I’m sad my time on Battleborn is coming to a close, I’m happy to announce that I will play a significant role on this highly anticipated but unannounced game," Varnell said. "I’m sure you’ll be hearing some from me again in the future regarding Gearbox games."

Although it will not be receiving further updates, Battleborn servers will remain active "for the foreseeable future," according to Varnell.


Our Take
I'll be the first to say that I didn't love Battleborn (it was "alright" in a genre that demands more in order to keep players loyal), but it's still sad to a multiplayer game end its life. Some of the comments on Varnell's post left me wistful; although there aren't as many of them as Gearbox would have liked, people do still love Battleborn, and seeing them lose something they love is disappointing. C'est la vie.

Battleborn quietly closing down, 15 months after launch

No more updates, says Gearbox

Continue reading…

Battleborn's Creative Director Says Fall Update Will Be Its Last

Gearbox Software’s Battleborn shifts into the twilight years of its lifespan, as the developer announced today that there is no planned content after the upcoming fall update.


Six Borderlands skins coming to Battleborn

Six Borderlands skins coming to Battleborn screenshot

Ever since the launch of Gearbox's meta-growth first-person MOBA Battleborn, fans of the studio have wanted Borderlands-flavored skins for it. The upcoming update will finally be bringing some of those to the table.

Six premium skins were shown at Gearbox's PAX panel, including Alani as Maya, Caldarius with Maliwan branding, El Dragón as a Psycho, ISIC as Claptrap, Orendi as Tiny Tina, and Rath as Zer0. In addition to the updated visuals, ISIC and Rath will come with new audio to match the characters.

Orendi's voice will also be done by the same actor who did Tiny Tina. (This is a bad joke that requires a lot of insider knowledge and even when you have it the payoff is low. I'm sorry.)

Along with the skins, the update this fall will also bring a new PvP map and a bunch of character balance tweaks.

Feature: LawBreakers fans on why you should play it, and what went wrong

Brink has gone free-to-play on PC after six years

Brink has gone free-to-play on PC after six years screenshot

We occasionally see multiplayer-focused games go free-to-play when they underperform. Evolve and Battleborn are two recent examples; publisher 2K Games eventually made them free when it was clear that residual sales had dried up, both in an effort raise the active player count and to earn some cash from in-game purchases.

Today's instance is a weird one. With no real heads-up, Bethesda has turned Brink free-to-play. History has long passed over Brink, as it's an old game without much of an audience anymore. This Steam player tracker estimates that there was a peak concurrent player count of 44 in July.

The timing is odd considering that Brink originally released in May 2011, but the way this game is generally regarded makes things even more confusing. Brink launched to a largely tepid reception, as reviewers mostly agreed that it never fully made good on its ideas for movement-based combat. It looked cool in a way that it couldn't deliver on.

The question attached to Brink going free-to-play is: What does Bethesda have up its sleeve? Publishers rarely give a product away for free without an ulterior motive, even if that product is six years old and incapable of driving revenue anymore. Is there some sort of Brink resurgence on the horizon, maybe via a sequel? Is the free-to-play version planning microtransactions in the near future?

Regardless, the free-to-play route is already working to some degree. At time of writing, 343 people were playing Brink. That might not be a particularly impressive number compared to other Steam games, but it's the most for Brink since July 2012. Improbably, this fast multiplayer shooter is back from the brink of death, even though many assumed it was already long dead.

Brink [Steam]

XCOM, Borderlands and more in 2K Games Humble Bundle for PSN

XCOM, Borderlands and more in 2K Games Humble Bundle for PSN screenshot

If you have a participating PSN account, then there's currently a very cool 2K Games bundle available over at the Humble Bundle site, bagging you a lot of great, classic titles, across various Sony platforms, for very little cash.

Currently, just five dollars will get you XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Civilization Revolution II for the PS Vita. Alongside these titles you also get BioShock, The Bureau, Spec Ops: The Line, Mafia II, XCOM: Enemy Within, and Borderlands 1 & 2 for the PS3. If that wasn't enough the $5 deal also includes Battleborn and Evolve for the PS4. That's eleven games in total!

Stepping up a tier to twenty dollars will also add the excellent XCOM 2 for the PS4. That's a hell of a lot of good games for a pretty slim amount of cash, the proceeds of which can be donated to the current charity, Covenant House, which helps the homeless youth.

As usual the current bundle will be available for the next two weeks. It is required that you have a PSN account registered to one of the countries listed here. Be sure to check the link before you put down your money to avoid disappointment, followed by rage, then possibly structural damage.

Humble 2K PSN Bundle [Humble Bundle]

Humble's New 2K Bundle Is Just For PlayStation Owners

PlayStation owners can finally take advantage of the crazy value Humble offers with this 2K Bundle. Games are redeemable either for the Vita, PS3, or PS4, but the PS4 titles include XCOM 2, Evolve, and $10 of Battleborn Platinum VC. As always, a portion of your purchase goes to charity, and the titles are split among…


Cliff Bleszinski Isn’t Worried About LawBreakers Underwhelming Launch

Cliff Bleszinski’s fps arena shooter, LawBreakers finally hit the shelve’s last week. While the game has been hailed as significantly memorable experience paying homage to early 2000’s shooters, it hasn’t been performing as well as we’d have hoped. Having a look on the Steam charts, you can see that LawBreakers only has around 1500 concurrent players – worse than Battleborn’s launch.

In an Interview with Eurogamer Bleszinski noted that the gaming isn’t performing as well as it should have – but he isn’t very bothered about it, stating that he’d rather have a game that ramps up popularity over time than one that launches and fizzles out.

Cliff Bleszinski: It’s like I said, it’s a marathon not a sprint. I’d rather be the underhyped game that slowly ramps up into something that people adore than something that comes out with way too much hype that there’s a backlash for, which is why I think the Steam reviews are so positive. We’re going to continue to raise awareness, continue to support the product – if you look at the phenomenon that was League of Legends, it built off a Warcraft 3 mod then slowly but surely blossomed into this immense amazing thing, and I’d rather be the game that comes up and has that hockey stick ramp with a slow burn and builds up rather than the triple-A hype machine where you have a bazillion people playing it month one and it goes down exponentially then they follow up with an annual product.

Thinking of picking up LawBreakers? Check out our First Impressions of the title, here.

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