Weekend deals: $49 Titanfall 2 plus rounds of Halloween and used game sale

Weekend deals: $49 Titanfall 2 plus rounds of Halloween and used game sale screenshot

The lead in this week's Weekend Deals is recently released Titanfall 2. PC gamers can pick up 18% off at either GMG or DLGamer with a drop from $60 to $48.99 on the 2nd installment to Respawn's mech FPS. The Origin keys are both shipped straight from EA and is available region wide (except apparently Myanmar?).

Early reviews suggest the underhyped game from EA is pretty good, but you should always run through your favorite review sources before you hand the hard-earn cash - particularly on Triple-A like these.

Two other Friday releases are getting price drops as well this weekend: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Skyrim: Special Edition. In the case of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, PC gamers can again take a big discount. The deal on Xenoverse 2 is at GamesPlanet, where after a rare coupon code price reduce the game to 27.99 GBP, and since you can buy world wide this translates to about $34.19 for a pretty big 32% launch weekend deal. Not too bad on a Bandai Namco title. The latter mentioned remastered Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition has its best discount yet from GMG on PC with a 15% drop from $40 to $33.99. But if you're not in a hurry to buy Skyrim yet again, we'd wait as a 50% discount will appear sooner rather than later.

In other weekend deal news, PC gaming Halloween Sales are running amok plus there's a rare and giant Best Buy PS3/Xbox 360 pre-owned sale.. At Best Buy this weekend, they launched about 600 PS3 titles on sale for $5 or less, plus 600 Xbox 360 titles similarly at $5 or less - some goodies includes $5 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In PC gaming land, the aforementioned Halloween sales are being run at multiple retailers: GMG, GamersGate, GameStop, WinGameStore, and of course Steam Store.

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Blog Post: Did Matt play the same game?

I pretty much disagree with everything Matt had to say about this game.

The visuals are great, while chaotic, yes, it isn't hard to get used to it. Sound is well done along with the voice acting and quips.

I can only assume Matt doesn't play many MOBAs or mutliplayer games where the character speaks because the complaint that you hear the same stuff over and over is in all multiplayer games with voices. They are spaced out far from each other as well so you don't hear someone say the same thing more than *maybe* 3 time max in a game and even that is rare. These quips are especially throughout MOBA styled games.

There is a bit of a difficulty curve, yes, but seriously what MOBA doesn't have that? This is simpler than most MOBAs anyway because you generally are just pushing minions and having team fights, you don't have to worry about lane towers and you especially don't have to worry about Jungle. Jungle in this game is minimal, there are just NPC units you can kill and get out into lane as one of your own. That's it. All powerups in this game instead are bought with shards on a kit that you get to customize for your character. 

Characters are diverse and cater to many many playstyles. Each one will take time to learn, but again, it's a MOBA, ALL characters take time to learn in these types of games no matter what you do. I personally main Boldur, a melee character. I got used to the "screen chaos" fairly quickly and it poses no issues. Matt I also know complained that when you played a melee character you just had to run in and hope you it something. This is completely not true. You have a reticle for a reason. If you just learn to use it, you can hit anything you want, especially because it TURNS RED when you are in range to hit something. Use what they give to you and it isn't hard.

Now the game isn't without flaws. Matchmaking options could be better, though it is very quick so finding a match isn't hard. What should be fixed is allowing everyone to vote on all story missions during a public session and give people the ability to rematch a team or story.  They also need to add some sort of punishing system for afk players. Right now it kicks them out fairly quickly, but that's it. So currently, people who can't deal with finishing a game or actually *trying* to win even when you are currently losing will call for a surrender and sit at their TV giving slight inputs so they aren't kicked. They will refuse to help in any way because they didn't get their way for chickening out in a surrender. This does need fixed because it drags everyone else down and the person can 100% get away with it without any reports.

This game has a ton of replayability, even with the story missions. Playing through them with multiple characters gives a different experience both in game play and in dialogue. Speaking of dialogue, the humor in the game is in the vein of Borderlands. If you don't like Borderlands humor, you won't like it here. If you did like it, you'll love it just he same in Battleborn. Personally, the humor for me is spot on, everything is great about it.



Overall, if you enjoy MOBAs, you'll definitely enjoy this game for it's gameplay. Everything flows extremely well in a match. This is easily a game to keep returning to for it's charm and especially it's gameplay. Absolutely a blast!

New low prices on Dying Light, Life is Strange in GameStop's big PC digital sale

New low prices on Dying Light, Life is Strange in GameStop's big PC digital sale screenshot

GameStop is running a Fall/Halloween PC digital game sale with over 170 titles with price cuts. If you don't feel like sorting through the hundred-plus deals from various publishers, we picked out some of the better ones that are either at historic lows or are rare discounts.

One title that reached a new low price was Dying Light. Believe it or not, the early 2015 zombie shooter finally dropped below $20 to a very decent $15. The popular adventure title Life is Strange is also on sale to only $8.49 for Episode 2 to 5 (the first episode is free on Steam). Other goodies include the recent PC port God Eater 2: Rage Burst for only $33 along with Bandai Namco franchises such as Dark Souls, Tales, and more.

GameStop PC Download Sale

Deals above are sorted by price from high to low. You can also find the full sale here.

Battleborn's Latest Hero Has A Cool Origin Story

There’s a very good reason Battleborn’s latest hero, Kid Ultra, looks like a children’s toy. He technically is.


Initial thoughts on Nintendo Switch

Initial thoughts on Nintendo Switch screenshot

I love it when things slide into place and then click to fasten. Holy cow, that click on the Nintendo Switch. It's so gratifying. I will probably slide the Switch's Joy-Cons in and out, in and out, savoring each delicious snap. And I'm not the only one! Myles Cox and Kenny Redublo joined the Podtoid crew (minus Brett, who is somewhere else, whatever, nobody cares) to talk about Nintendo's big reveal.

We also talked about the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, Watch Dogs 2, the newest indie darlings Gonner and Thumper [editor's note: I hardly even know 'er!], and some other totally cool stuff that people care about like Destiny and Battleborn's newest downloadable content.

Do use a solid and give it a listen! Or better yet, subscribe and get the show 12 to 48 hours early, depending on how much we procrastinate writing posts like this one.

Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or download it here.

Review: Battleborn: Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion

Review: Battleborn: Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion screenshot

For a lot of people, Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion is going to be too little, too late. Battleborn has been plagued with issues since its launch, from poor PC performance to a rapidly decreasing base of players causing long wait times to get into a game. Season pass holders and cooperative-only players have good reason to be annoyed; it's taken five months since launch for this first piece of story downloadable content to release.

That said, anybody who stuck it out with Battleborn should be pleased with Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion. What's here is short and sweet, but it manages to be surprisingly replayable. For five bucks, it's an easy recommendation.

Battleborn Goes Noir With New Attikus And The Thrall Rebellion DLC

Randy Pitchford, the president of Gearbox Software, made it clear that they weren't giving up on Battleborn, despite the game being stillborn in sales. Pitchford had made it known that they would be releasing new DLC for the game, and that announcement was followed up with a...

Battleborn’s New Story DLC and PVP Mode Launch Today


The first story DLC has been released for Battleborn along with a new competitive multiplayer mode and some skins for select heroes.

The DLC Story Operation is Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, and it centers around Attikus, who is reliving the third Thrall uprising. You can play solo as any Battleborn hero or co-op with up to two friends and fight through the streets and rooftops of the Tempest slums.

Players interested in competitive multiplayer will be able to jump into the new, free multi-phase mode Face-Off from today. Those who own and played Battleborn during the open beta in April will receive the first DLC Story Operation free, so all they need to do is log-in and update the game.

The first team to reach 500 points wins, but it won’t be an easy win, killing Varelsi angers them, so they will get tougher as the battle goes on.

There are new skins available too in the Battleborn in-game Marketplace for Alani, Deande, Pendles, and Reyna.

Along with the new content, Gearbox has also patched the game with character balancing, removing collision between allied players, adjustments, changes, bug fixes, and more. You can read the full patch notes on the official website. 

The studio also provided a list of content in the works, noting that the second Battleborn DLC Story Operation, Toby’s Friendship Raid, would arrive later this fall.

Free DLC

  • Two more heroes, bringing the total to 30
  • Kid Ultra
  • Battleborn #30
  • Another new PVP mode

Premium DLC

  • Early Access to Kid Ultra & Battleborn #30 Early Access, each with a hero key
  • DLC 2 Story Operation “Toby’s Friendship Raid”
  • DLC 3 — 5 Story Operations
  • Each DLC Story Operation release includes new, unlockable skins, taunts, and titles

Marketplace Content

  • More skins and taunts
  • Consumable XP Boosters

All five of the upcoming Story Operations are included in the Season Pass and Digital Deluxe editions of Battleborn. If you don’t have a Season Pass, you can purchase Story Operations individually for 700 Platinum through the in-game Marketplace.

The full Battleborn update should go live around 5PM ET/10PM UK tonight.

The post Battleborn’s New Story DLC and PVP Mode Launch Today appeared first on Gameranx.

Battleborn's first story DLC is out today

Battleborn's first story DLC is out today screenshot

There isn't a lot that can pull me away from Destiny: Rise of Iron these days (I'm much slower than Chris Carter is; still leveling up so I can take on Wrath of the Machine), but if one thing can, if even just briefly, it's Battleborn's first piece of story downloadable content, Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion.

Recall that this is shorter and smaller than most of the included story missions; where those support five players and run anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes long, the Story Operations are for teams of three and should only take 15 to 20 minutes to play through. There's a lot of loot to collect, with new skins and taunts for the current characters, so there's reason to play through multiple times for completionists.

Think of it like Borderlands 2's "Headhunter" DLC packs. They're small in scope, but they only cost $5. Expect a more in-depth look at Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion soon enough. If you fancy, go ahead and watch the trailer showing off the film noir setting below.

Oh, and don't forget! This accompanies the new multiplayer mode "Face Off." That one is free for Battleborn owners.

Battleborn Gets Its First Story DLC Today

Fans of Battleborn’s story operations that are sick to death of playing the initial set of scenarios get a reprieve today with Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, a retelling of the third Thrall uprising with a little film noir flair.


Battleborn's new free multiplayer mode is out on October 13

Battleborn's new free multiplayer mode is out on October 13 screenshot

Gearbox's struggling FPS/MOBA needs a shot in the arm to keep its community from extinguishing completely. The first story-based downloadable content (Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion) is set to release on October 13, but if the ol' player-versus-player scene is more to your fancy, then there's something for you too. In addition to the Story Ops, the new competitively multiplayer mode Face Off is dropping for free on the same day.

Face Off takes place on the Capture maps, but instead of holding three zones, teams are pitted against Varelsi spawns in a sort of competitive wave-based survival mode. Each Varelsi killed will drop its mask, and the goal is to deliver masks to a central collector.

In contrast to most Horde Mode-type games, there's also an enemy team to contend with. Encounters with enemy players can lead to death, and death will cause a combatant to drop any Varelsi masks he has. Of course, there's also Battleborn's signature Helix leveling system, so over the course of a 15-minute match, the Varelsi also get more powerful to compensate.

It sounds like a neat twist, and a decent way to make use of the underplayed Capture maps. The fact that it's free may just be enticing enough to get some derelict players back into Battleborn. The real challenge is keeping them longer than a couple weeks after Face Off lands.

Weekend deals: Mafia III 24% off pre-load, FIFA 17, and $20 Sniper Elite III collector's edition

Weekend deals: Mafia III 24% off pre-load, FIFA 17, and $20 Sniper Elite III collector's edition screenshot

Pre-loading went live yesterday on Mafia III on Steam and so did a huge 24% discount at GMG. That gets the standard edition price down to $45.39 and the Digital Deluxe to $60.69 -- about as cheap as one can expect the game to go for before its Friday release. GMG, being authorized, is sending keys out almost right after purchase and you get the Family Kickback pack DLC pre-order bonus.

FIFA 17 is finally out world wide now as of Thursday, and surprisingly discounts abound for PC gamers on the Origin digital copy. DLGamer is showing the best price online with a 25% drop to $44.99.

If you can't wait for Black Friday to buy a PlayStation 4 Slim, a deal popped up this weekend that should perk your interest. Plug in coupon code SHOP10 or TRIPLE15 at checkout at Jet.com and you can cut the PS4 Slim Uncharted bundle from $299.99 to only $269.99 -- its first discount to date and surprising for the two-week-old refreshed PS4 console.

In other console deals, Sniper Elite III Collector's Edition dropped to only $19.99 at GameStop. Originally a $70 purchase the Collector's Edition, now that it's $20, it's actually $10 cheaper than what GameStop is charging for a standard edition copy of Sniper Elite III. Newegg is also carrying one year worth of PS Plus for only $39.99, the first significant discount we're seeing for the membership since its price jump on September 22. Act fast because this deal looks to be ome-day only.

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