Blog Post: Did Matt play the same game?

I pretty much disagree with everything Matt had to say about this game.

The visuals are great, while chaotic, yes, it isn't hard to get used to it. Sound is well done along with the voice acting and quips.

I can only assume Matt doesn't play many MOBAs or mutliplayer games where the character speaks because the complaint that you hear the same stuff over and over is in all multiplayer games with voices. They are spaced out far from each other as well so you don't hear someone say the same thing more than *maybe* 3 time max in a game and even that is rare. These quips are especially throughout MOBA styled games.

There is a bit of a difficulty curve, yes, but seriously what MOBA doesn't have that? This is simpler than most MOBAs anyway because you generally are just pushing minions and having team fights, you don't have to worry about lane towers and you especially don't have to worry about Jungle. Jungle in this game is minimal, there are just NPC units you can kill and get out into lane as one of your own. That's it. All powerups in this game instead are bought with shards on a kit that you get to customize for your character. 

Characters are diverse and cater to many many playstyles. Each one will take time to learn, but again, it's a MOBA, ALL characters take time to learn in these types of games no matter what you do. I personally main Boldur, a melee character. I got used to the "screen chaos" fairly quickly and it poses no issues. Matt I also know complained that when you played a melee character you just had to run in and hope you it something. This is completely not true. You have a reticle for a reason. If you just learn to use it, you can hit anything you want, especially because it TURNS RED when you are in range to hit something. Use what they give to you and it isn't hard.

Now the game isn't without flaws. Matchmaking options could be better, though it is very quick so finding a match isn't hard. What should be fixed is allowing everyone to vote on all story missions during a public session and give people the ability to rematch a team or story.  They also need to add some sort of punishing system for afk players. Right now it kicks them out fairly quickly, but that's it. So currently, people who can't deal with finishing a game or actually *trying* to win even when you are currently losing will call for a surrender and sit at their TV giving slight inputs so they aren't kicked. They will refuse to help in any way because they didn't get their way for chickening out in a surrender. This does need fixed because it drags everyone else down and the person can 100% get away with it without any reports.

This game has a ton of replayability, even with the story missions. Playing through them with multiple characters gives a different experience both in game play and in dialogue. Speaking of dialogue, the humor in the game is in the vein of Borderlands. If you don't like Borderlands humor, you won't like it here. If you did like it, you'll love it just he same in Battleborn. Personally, the humor for me is spot on, everything is great about it.



Overall, if you enjoy MOBAs, you'll definitely enjoy this game for it's gameplay. Everything flows extremely well in a match. This is easily a game to keep returning to for it's charm and especially it's gameplay. Absolutely a blast!