Weekend deals: $49 Titanfall 2 plus rounds of Halloween and used game sale

Weekend deals: $49 Titanfall 2 plus rounds of Halloween and used game sale screenshot

The lead in this week's Weekend Deals is recently released Titanfall 2. PC gamers can pick up 18% off at either GMG or DLGamer with a drop from $60 to $48.99 on the 2nd installment to Respawn's mech FPS. The Origin keys are both shipped straight from EA and is available region wide (except apparently Myanmar?).

Early reviews suggest the underhyped game from EA is pretty good, but you should always run through your favorite review sources before you hand the hard-earn cash - particularly on Triple-A like these.

Two other Friday releases are getting price drops as well this weekend: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Skyrim: Special Edition. In the case of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, PC gamers can again take a big discount. The deal on Xenoverse 2 is at GamesPlanet, where after a rare coupon code price reduce the game to 27.99 GBP, and since you can buy world wide this translates to about $34.19 for a pretty big 32% launch weekend deal. Not too bad on a Bandai Namco title. The latter mentioned remastered Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition has its best discount yet from GMG on PC with a 15% drop from $40 to $33.99. But if you're not in a hurry to buy Skyrim yet again, we'd wait as a 50% discount will appear sooner rather than later.

In other weekend deal news, PC gaming Halloween Sales are running amok plus there's a rare and giant Best Buy PS3/Xbox 360 pre-owned sale.. At Best Buy this weekend, they launched about 600 PS3 titles on sale for $5 or less, plus 600 Xbox 360 titles similarly at $5 or less - some goodies includes $5 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In PC gaming land, the aforementioned Halloween sales are being run at multiple retailers: GMG, GamersGate, GameStop, WinGameStore, and of course Steam Store.

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