Battleborn’s Next Champion Is An Ugly Snake Man Named Pendles

’s latest champion, Alani, was just added to the roster and is now available in early access form for those who purchased the DLC season pass. In addition to Alani, its developers at Gearbox have revealed the next champion they plan on adding to the roster.

It’s a snake-man-thing called Pendles, who’s apparently BFFs with Alani. It has a weird snake head with plaster over one eye, a human right arm and a snake-tailed left arm equipping a bone pickaxe. It’s also really skinny and wears hi-top sneakers for whatever reason.


Either way, it looks awful. Here’s Pendles’ description:

“Hailing from the water world of Akopos, and pals with Alani, Pendles is a cold-blooded killer. No, literally. This anthropomorphized reptile will ssssneak up on you, poison you, perforate you with dual kamas then – poof – disappear without leaving a trace.”

Pendles will be free for anyone who’s earned 47,500 credits in-game and can also be unlocked with a single hero key, which you can get as part of the DLC Season Pass. Having played the game, it’ll take over a hundred hours to earn that many credits.

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