Blog Post: Battleborn

Battleborn is a fun game with a decent size learning curve. People are kind of confused as to what Battleborn is. Lots have compared it to Overwatch which is not even close except for both having heros for comparision. 

The story of Battleborn is a complicated one as if you want to do co op with strangers it mixes things up and sometimes the same maps keep rehashing over and over. I tried a map by myself and I struggled but completed it because the map never showed up in rotation. Of course after I beat it by myself the map shows up in rotation. Other than that the maps are fun to play like in the vein of Destiny. Fun but could use a little bit of variety in selection. Hopefully they will give some freebies along to go with the season pass that says there will be 5 more maps. The AI is pretty good too. I have yet to see dumb AI. The enemies will attack and there can be a lot of them coming for you. The bosses take a while to defeat but that is the whole point of a boss. You cant easily defeat them.

The multiplayer is fun too. Three different modes but this is not a MOBA. I hate MOBA's but I love playing this. This does have some MOBA characteristics and the multiplayer can take a while to finish. This isnt your 5 to 7 min Call of Duty play. Teamwork is a must. I was playing and we were winning to turn back around and get stomped before we mounted a comback in Incursion. Your powers get better on how much you damage you do. The shards are used to build things like turrents and supply depot that you need to sway the balance in your direction. Sure the action can go crazy on screen but I have yet to see any frame rate issues on my xbox one or choppy video like the Game Informer critic saw. 

This game requires practice to get good. Luckily this game includes off line bots to practice with a character of your choice so you can get use to powers and play. In Battleborn the character you pick in a match you can not select another until match is over so yes practice makes perfect. I never understood how critics say you have to practice to get good at Dark Souls you have to die a lot, yet in any other game like Battleborn the character feels bad or just not good. You have to get use to the character. This isnt your typical shoot like COD you pick the wrong hero and go in guns blazing you are going to have a bad time. You have to know when to strike and when to run. Respawning takes some time about 30 seconds that feels forever.

All in all this is a fun game. If you like Boarderlands you will like this. You could say that the two universes are linked and just broadens the Boarderlands lore. I would love to have seen some vault hunters added into this game. I would also love in Boarderlands 3 that maybe some heros become vault hunters.

Gearbox is also working on improving this game with balancing issues and other things for better gameplay. This game hasnt gotten a fair shake probably because of the Overwatch hype. This is a game that deserves some attention. Both are two different games. Battleborn is a fun game for people that dont mind teaming up instead of lone wolfing like on shooters like COD. Co op is fun too even though there needs to be more maps. Either way don't let this gem pass you by.