Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Are You Playing Battleborn Or Overwatch This Weekend?

Overwatch is currently in open beta, and you can play for free until May 9. Battleborn on the other hand launched this past week. Both games bear strong similarities, being MOBA-like hero shooters with colorful, cartoonish characters. Which one are you playing this weekend? [Excerpt]

I've dabbled into both games so far, and my preference is leaning towards Overwatch (Reaper and Widowmaker have been especially fun to play as so far). Is there one that you're enjoying more than the other? If you haven't jumped into either yet, why not? Tell us your initial impressions of the games, and whether you're dipping your toes into their zany worlds this weekend.

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For more, read our guide to the open beta here and watch our Test Chamber for Battelborn