Blog Post: Battleborn, haul A** and roast noobs.

Well, it has been awhile since I have written a review, and for the few who have followed me, we are in the United States again, and I am still a gamer dad.

I really felt the need to write a review for this game, from the eyes of someone who likes to play competitive team based shooters. (Heck, I was ranked 50th in warzone for Killzone 4 back in the day).

I will do my normal breakdown, followed by my final thoughts.

Controls- The melee controls can take a little getting used to, but for the most part, I find everything very responsive.  I do have a hard time playing the sniping characters, but that may be because I like to turn off aim assist. 

Visuals- Here is one place where I feel the game shines.  The worlds you stop through feel alive, and I enjoy the colorfulness of the whole experience. As well, the unique views that are used for some characters, such as Kelvin, make the experience that much richer. 

Sound- The sound is pretty wonderful, but I really love the groan worthy one-liners many of the characters spout.  Many of the call outs do serve a purpose, if you are paying attention, by letting you know specific enemy characters that are near you.  

Playability-  The game plays incredibly well.  The characters are rated for difficulty of use and helpful clues to how to use use the each are in their profiles.  Being familiar with a MOBA is helpful, but is not required to really dig into the experience.  My biggest complaint is that you cannot play the game offline, even though a split screen mode is available.

My Thoughts

I really love this game.  Each round I get to choose a character to meet the needs of my team, choose an item load out that will aid us in the battle, and select skills to counter my enemy.  For anyone who loves a deeply customizable cooperative gaming experience, this is a game for you. I would say that this feels like  a fine blend between Borderlands, Team Fortress 2, and Smite,   

My last thought is that if you like to work on a team towards a goal, pick up the game.  If you prefer to focus on your own goals, find different shooter.