Battleborn has its own PlayStation Flash Sale

Battleborn has its own PlayStation Flash Sale screenshot

To those of you who aren't playing Battleborn, what's it going to take?

In addition to publisher 2K's current Humble Bundle that brings the "hobby-grade" team shooter to $15 with a handful of other titles roped in, Gearbox Software is now holding a single-game PlayStation Network Flash Sale. On PS4, Battleborn is $26.99 and its Digital Deluxe version is $29.99.

I feel bad for Darren and Chris and anyone else who wants to continue playing so long as there are folks to play with, but at the same time, I'm not exactly doing my part to help bolster the game's community. Right now, it isn't a matter of cost so much as a competition for time and attention in the multiplayer space, which other titles are dominating. Short of Battleborn becoming free-to-play and something I can install and try at 1:00am on a whim, I struggle to see myself taking that first step.

In other PSN deals (and to not end on such a dour thought), there's also a Superhero Sale happening.