Three new Battleborn multiplayer maps coming this Thursday

Three new Battleborn multiplayer maps coming this Thursday screenshot

Battleborn just celebrated the Lootpocalypse (recently extended for another week), wherein bosses were dropping legendary gear more frequently and loot packs cost less in-game currency to purchase. It had the effect of filling up the campaign matchmaking with players hunting for sweet loot to use in the competitive multiplayer. Soon enough, there will be more reason to dip over onto the player vs. player side of things; three new maps are releasing this Thursday.

Each multiplayer mode is getting a new map. Incursion gets Monuments, its second map set on the lush planet Ekkunar. Meltdown rounds out its locations with Outskirts, set in a city on the purple industrial planet Tempest. Finally, Capture gains Snowblind, its second map set on the icy moon Bliss. Maybe it's the mild OCD in me, but I wish Snowblind and Monuments had their settings switched, so each mode would have one map on each planet.

From the official Battleborn blog post, it sounds like the level design team has taken care to include elements in each map for all the different types of characters. There are skill jumps that offer different paths for your ISICs and Attikuses, there are sniper perches with high visibility for your Marquises and Thorns, and there are stealth-friendly backdoors for your Oscar Mikes and Deandes.

These three maps are going to be available for free. We'll see if that's enough of an incentive to get people to join the Capture matchmaking queue to actually try out Snowblind.