Battleborn's next hero Ernest channels TF2's Demoman

Battleborn's next hero Ernest channels TF2's Demoman screenshot

Rogue assassin Pendles is out today for season pass holders, but 2K and Gearbox are already looking ahead to the 28th Battleborn hero to add to the roster, Ernest. There were some rumblings and dataminings about him previously, but now it's official.

From the looks of the teaser image, Ernest will be the sixth character from the Peacekeeper faction (leaving only the LLC and the Jennerit factions for the last two), and he's sporting a six-chamber grenade launcher, à la Team Fortress 2's Demoman. He also has a big, glowy egg on his back, which I can only speculate is some sort of nuke.

There's no word on where Ernest fits in the feud between the two other bird characters Toby and Benedict. He appears flightless like Toby, but much less adorable. His primary weapon seems more like Benny's rocket launcher than Toby's railgun and he apparently wasn't denied a combat position by the UPR, so it's likely Toby will resent him as well.

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